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Shared Brainstorming

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Generate partner/group participation through analysis and synthesis.



Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation


Possible "On Ground" Activity Procedure:

Presenter circulates sheets of paper to a small group of 3-5 people.  On each sheet is a different question. Team members generate and jot down answers to the given question.  The presenter then instructs each group to rotate to another sheet containing a different given question to answer.  Depending on the time available, this procedure is repeated, giving each group the opportunity to respond to as many questions as possible.  At the end of this activity, each group returns to their original question sheet, reviews the given responses, generates a summarization of ideas, and shares their conclusions etc. with the entire group.


LMS Tools:

Groups, Wiki, Discussion Board


Web 2.0 Tools

O365, Google Docs, Mind Mapping, Charting, Screen Capture, Online Presentation, Virtual Whiteboard














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