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Two Column Method

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Engage participants more fully to consider a problem, issue or concept by employing a two-column method of generating and recording responses to a prompt.



Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation


Possible "On Ground" Activity Procedure:

Head two columns on the whiteboard/flip chart with "Looks/Sounds Like" and "Doesn't Look/Sound Like" and ask the participants for ideas, observations, recalling of presentation information that will support one side of the board or another.  1) this technique can be quite effective in moving a group discussion from basic ideas toward considerations of how to apply those ideas 2) the listing can provide a base of ideas from which potential problems as well as benefits/successes/possibilities can be identified so that participants can begin a next stage of discussion.


LMS Tools:

Collaborate White Board


Web 2.0 Tools

O365, Charting, Virtual Whiteboard, Google Docs







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